Decisive Expertise in Dedicating Your Device

Ensure your devices have the software that they need to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Matching your purpose-built hardware with the adaptable software it needs requires expertise not only in the past and present of Windows Licensing, but also in future trends. Bsquare tailors your IoT licensing to your hardware and the needs of your dedicated device fleet rather than providing a pre-made, inflexible bundle of hardware and software.

As you grow your business and scale your device fleets, Bsquare’s curated expertise and one-on-one support helps you adapt and optimize with the correct software for their future operation.

Conserve Resources with Competitive Pricing

Utilize Bsquare’s expertise and status as a trusted Microsoft partner to get the most competitive pricing for your IoT licensing. Reduce Bill of Materials (BOM) costs with licensing custom selected to for dedicated device needs. Conserve resources with guidance that can accelerate the licensing process to reduce your time to market. Competitive pricing gives you the confidence that you have the right licensing at the best price.


Rest Easy with Software-Specific Support

Ensure your support goes deeper than the surface. With bundled hardware and software support, you could be forced to work directly with Microsoft or hire an internal software expert just to resolve technical questions.

Bsquare is software-dedicated licensing with software-dedicated support. Our architects ensure your Windows IoT licensing is right for you, guiding you through licensing and development and providing thorough, tailored support at every step.


Do More with Windows IoT Licensing

Take advantage of Bsquare’s expertise to extend your team’s capabilities, accelerate time to market, and conserve your internal resources for the next business opportunity.

Retain Resources for Critical Business Functions

Reduce BOM costs with the competitive pricing that we offer and eliminate the need for outside software architects or lengthy, resource-draining discussions with Microsoft.

Build with the Flexibility to Scale

Bsquare’s custom software solutions support fleet growth by building adaptability into each IoT license. Future-proof your dedicated device fleets and ensure they maintain their value and accomplish their critical missions.

Accelerate Time to Market

Bsquare’s coordinated solutions are deployed quickly, so you can build, configure, and secure devices faster to meet manufacturing supply chain timelines.

Utilize the Support You Need

With tailored Windows Licensing and support from Bsquare, you can develop efficiency within your dedicated device supply chain and help your business thrive.

Ready to take the next step?

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