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Windows 7 Embedded End of Support (EOS) is here. As of January 2020, security updates and technical support have ended, exposing unprepared organizations to security risks and compliance issues. Bsquare can prepare you for EOS to protect the embedded devices and IoT solutions you’ve built and ensure that you tackle the transition in the best way possible for your business.

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Here’s what EOS means for you

No Security Updates

Without security hotfixes from Microsoft, devices running Windows 7 Embedded become vulnerable and expose your system to future threats.

Unsupported Platform

Microsoft no longer provides technical support and troubleshooting, which greatly reduces support options for Windows 7 Embedded issues.

Compliance Risks

Many certifications – such as HIPAA and PCI – require software platform support; EOS can affect your ability to remain compliant.

No New Features

Opening up potential software incompatibility issues as well as declining performance and reliability of legacy hardware.

Important Dates: Windows 7 EOS

Product EOS Date
Windows 7 Pro and Ult for Embedded SystemsJanuary 14, 2020
Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1January 14, 2020
Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2January 14, 2020
Windows Embedded Standard 7P and 7EOctober 13, 2020
POS Ready 7 (End of Extended Support)October 12, 2021

Manage Windows 7 EOS your way

With 25 years in Embedded Microsoft software and IoT solutions, Bsquare has the expertise to guide you through EOS for your devices seamlessly. We can help you weigh your options so you can determine whether migrating to Windows 10 IoT Enterprise or securing Windows 7 is right for you.

Our suite of software and services includes Microsoft and Bsquare proprietary tools, third-party solutions, step-by-step guidance to select the right options for you, and the capabilities to configure everything to solve your business problems.

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Upgrade to Windows 10 IoT Enterprise for ten years of support and advanced security features.

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Extended Security Update

Sign up for Microsoft’s Extended Security Update Program to receive up to 3 years of security updates.

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Secure Lockdown

Secure Windows 7 Embedded software to protect your system and minimize attack surface.

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Continue Shipping Windows 7

There are instances where businesses do not require fully secured devices. We can help you assess your threat risk.

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