The Bsquare Splendid IoT Supper: Bringing IoT Talent to the Table

An invitation to our party

Chances are, you haven’t been to dinner parties of late, let alone a dinner party where all the other guests have some new, interesting stories to tell. That’s why we want to warmly welcome you to our Splendid IoT Supper. During this event you will get to know the other guests, each of whom is an IoT expert like you.

We put together this ideal IoT supper party to show how each guest brings something unique to the table to help bring great IoT solutions to life. The conversation is lively and requires give and take. Come dessert, we hope that you have new and in-depth insights into what goes into the making of a great IoT project and the players necessary.

If you’d like to speak to one of the IoT experts now, contact Bsquare, or continue reading to learn more about our dinner party.

The Splendid IoT Supper guest list

Who will attend this splendid supper? You, of course, and representatives from the Bsquare team who are invited to create successful IoT solutions for clients. Our guests include:

  • Product manager: Someone who understands the needs of customers and brings that vision to the team.
  • Hardware (device) expert: This guest understands how physical devices work.
  • Software expert: Not just a developer, this expert knows the intricacies of implementing software on IoT devices.
  • Security expert: Threats are real. This person specializes in keeping our projects protected.
  • Operations manager: The hands-on guest who creates and improves the production process.
  • Compliance manager: Are we doing it right? The compliance manager ensures all parts of an IoT solution adhere to specific guidelines.
  • Data scientist: He’s invited to bring a variety of disciplines to help customers and coworkers organize and understand the data they’ve collected.
  • Integration expert: Someone who ensures hardware and software are working together and are interacting correctly.
  • UI specialist: You can’t just throw forks on a table and call it a party. This specialist understands and designs user interfaces to make the solution sensible and easy to use.

When it comes to your IoT solutions, it takes many talented individuals coming together to create the best possible outcome. Everyone brings unique skills and perspectives to the table. Over the next couple months, we’ll highlight the importance of teamwork in relation to IoT and IIoT projects. Bsquare brings a full “menu” of team members to the table, should you not have this experience in-house.

Get started with a team like ours

With our team of experts, Bsquare can serve as your one-stop shop for all your IoT solution needs. From Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups, we’ve been able to serve a range of unique clients because of our diversely skilled employees. Or in other words, you don’t have to worry about cooking an entire dinner yourself: let us make you a five-course meal and supply the scintillating conversation.

Keep an eye out for the first of our articles highlighting a Splendid IoT Supper party guest, or browse our website to learn more about Bsquare as a company and a team.