Product overview

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise has all the features of Windows 10 Enterprise, plus advanced lockdown features and long-term support, making the IoT version a great fit for embedded systems such as ATM machines, digital signs, industrial automation systems, kiosks, medical devices, and point of sale.

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What to expect

With Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS on your device, you get:

  • Faster time to market
  • Advanced security and lockdown features
  • Advanced configuration features
  • Long-term support

Key features

Azure IoT Edge for Linux on Windows (EFLOW)

Azure IoT Edge for Linux on Windows allows you to run containerized Linux workloads alongside Windows applications in Windows IoT deployments. Businesses that rely on Windows IoT to power their edge devices can now take advantage of the cloud-native analytics solutions being built in Linux. 

Smaller OS Footprint

Reduce the size of your image, potentially providing the opportunity to reduce hardware storage requirements for storage constrained devices. 

Soft Real Time Features

  • CPU Core Isolation – Reserve cores for running real-time user processes
  • Priority Inheritance – Prevent priority inversion in complex, multithreaded scenarios
  • Hardware Interrupts Routed to Appropriate Cores – Timely responses to user & sensor input

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