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Dedicated, connected devices dominate the modern enterprise. But management tools haven’t kept pace with technological innovation. By compiling their own solutions to monitor, update and improve devices in development or in use, businesses waste time and resources on inefficient coordination.

Bsquare was founded more than two decades ago to provide value added solutions to enterprises. Our mission then is our mission today, with a very different, transformational delivery.

With Bsquare, you benefit from our wealth of knowledge and expertise in one dedicated device fleet management solution. Bsquare provides the only truly comprehensive, cross OS solution that helps organizations manage and monitor the entire dedicated device lifecycle. Our expertise designing with Windows, Linux, Android, and other embedded operating systems and operating IoT device management networks from 50,000 to more than 1 million devices helps you fulfill the promise of connectivity. Outpace threat and technology evolution by building dedicated devices that are hardened, running on purpose-configured operating systems, and able to be remotely operated and managed.

Find us across the globe and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (BSQR) in the U.S.

Bsquare’s Evolution

Bsquare has provided value-added services for more than two decades, building up partnerships and creating solutions that span the entire dedicated device lifecycle, across operating systems, industries and device types. We commit to keeping our customers ahead of the next connected technology trend and protected from the next threat.


Bsquare Founded

Bsquare has been providing value added services for device operators for more than 25 years.


Begins Licensing Microsoft Embedded OS Software

Our partnership with Microsoft spans more than two decades and allows us to customize dedicated device OS software to the unique needs of our customers.


Bsquare Goes Public

Our commitment to the promise of connectivity is a commitment to customers and to enterprises on a global scale.


Bsquare Acquires MPC Data Limited

Our financial strength allows us to provide innovative and cutting edge solutions for our customers.


Ralph Derrickson Joins as President, CEO and Board Member

Ralph helms Bsquare with a wide range of experience using technology to create innovative products, services, and business models.


Bsquare and Itron Extend Agreement to Advance Industrial IoT Innovation

Dedicated device fleets and IoT device management are our mission.


Bsquare Partners with Intel to Bring Intel vPro Technology to SquareOne

Our partnership with Intel enables us to empower customers to do more — remotely — to manage dedicated device fleets.

Senior Leadership

Rik Attrill

Director of Project Management

Ralph C. Derrickson

President and CEO

Eric French

Director of Customer Operations

Matthew Inglis

Vice President, Engineering

Christine Shannon

Senior Director of Marketing

Brandee Smith

Director of Account Management

Chris Wheaton

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer

Cheryl Wynne

Senior Director of Finance & Corporate Controller

Board of Directors

Robert Chamberlain


Mary Jesse


Ryan Vardeman

Director, Chair

Ralph C. Derrickson


Bernee D.L. Strom


Dedicated Device Fleet Management Principles

At Bsquare, we believe that who we are is defined by what we do. We’re dedicated to solving problems for our customers’ diverse industries and diverse needs. Dedicated device fleets make our world more productive, enhance quality of life and enable businesses and people to reach greater possibilities. Bsquare’s solutions guide businesses in maximizing efficiency, functionality, and coordination among these devices, fulfilling their purposes and the promise for a connected future.

Fulfilling the Promise of Connectivity

Dedicated devices are purpose-built, configured, and managed for critical business missions. With our guidance, customers can fulfill the promise of connectivity – of systematic learning and collective wisdom that makes device fleets more effective and efficient – using fewer resources.

Fleets for Critical Business Growth

Bsquare provides more than just an endpoint tool. We help you coordinate dedicated device fleets across operating systems, platforms and configurations. Our solutions help you grow and scale with you.

Cutting Through Complexity

By delivering holistic device lifecycle management, Bsquare cuts through the complexity and simplifies development and management.

Outpacing Threat Evolution and Innovation

Bsquare helps you get and stay ahead of upgrades and patches instead of wasting time and resources on physical updates to dedicated fleets, keep continuity by removing or recovering affected devices, and gain the confidence knowing your purpose-built products can adapt to mission-critical needs, always ahead of the next threat or technological innovation.


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