The foundation for device management

SquareOne is the pre-built foundation of our Device Management solution that comes equipped with a comprehensive set of features. It is ready to use out-of-the-box or can be tailored to meet your needs with a sophisticated plug-in system that extends core capabilities.


Device health

At the core of SquareOne remote management is the ability to see the health of your devices individually, or in logical groups, and take action as needed to keep them operational.

SquareOne provides at-a-glance health information as a red/amber/green status for each device and group, computed based on the telemetry sent from the devices. The data and thresholds can be customized to match what is most important to your business.

Device status

With SquareOne you can monitor the health of all your devices and associated metadata in one place, and quickly drill down on any individual device.

Health notifications

The built-in telemetry capabilities of SquareOne allow you to set up custom alerts when devices are operating outside of your operating parameters.

Take actions

SquareOne can suggest recommended fixes based on fault types. The remote access capabilities support diagnosing and repairing of individual device errors.

Secure remote access

SquareOne lets you remotely access your devices via screen share or terminal to take actions, diagnose, and provide remote support.

Communications are encrypted and secure, and remote access activity is audited.

Package management

SquareOne provides a comprehensive package management capabilities. Being able to distribute new software and track where components have been deployed is a key part of any device management system.


SquareOne allows flexible deployment of packages to individual or groups of devices. Installation can be scheduled to occur when needed.


Keep track of the progress of deployments, maintain an inventory of where software is deployed, and even detect when packages are not running correctly.


Draft new packages and undertake test deployments. Retire out of date packages when they are no longer supported.

Remote recovery with Intel

Beyond a reboot, SquareOne can power cycle frozen, hung, or malfunctioning devices remotely with Intel vPro, and eliminate no fault found technician visits.

Read how you can enable new levels of remote devices management and improve system security using our joint solution.

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