Outpace Threat and Technology Evolution

Centralize design, deployment and remote IoT management of dedicated devices, optimizing their performance and extending their capabilities and use with remote recovery, device removal and upgrades for connected fleets. Our device management solutions utilize the collective intelligence and systematic learning among your dedicated device fleets to foster better connections with your customers and end users and extend the capabilities of your team.

Get Total Visibility for a Decisive Edge

Our clear, intuitive dashboard empowers you with total visibility over remote IoT management operations. With SquareOne, configure your devices to monitor their own health and coordinate fleets remotely with systematic learning and collective wisdom that boosts the effectiveness of the entire fleet.

Scale with Ease

Remote enrollment, deployment of software and group updates allow your fleets to reach farther, faster without physical presence and resource-draining technician visits.

Run Securely with Confidence

Monitor devices, diagnose issues, set alerts and securely perform remote upgrades to extend the value of your devices while in use. Ensure compliance with updates and stay ahead of the next industry trend, compliance requirement or evolving threat with dedicated device management.

Eliminate Downtime

Remotely recover and remove affected devices to keep continuity of systems and enhance end user experience. Configurable device telemetry enables you to perform over-the-air predictive maintenance to head off device and system downtime before it occurs, saving time and money.

Enhance Customer Experience

When your dedicated device fleets are at their most optimal, your customers and end users notice. Bsquare extends the life and use of fleets and boosts your reputation among your customers and users, making your dedicated devices your decisive advantage.

Access New Streams of Revenue

Bsquare empowers device manufacturers to offer our device management solutions embedded in your products and pass on additional value to your customers. Open new streams of revenue by selling Bsquare’s solutions as a service to your device operation customers.


Dedicated Devices. Decisive Advantage.

Reach farther and coordinate fleets in the hundreds or millions, all with a single, intuitive dashboard that helps you connect to what’s possible.

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SquareOne Packages

Our holistic dedicated device fleet management solution is available in two package options. Choose the best for your business needs below.

SquareOne Premier

Cut through complexity to remotely monitor and coordinate your fleet of dedicated, connected devices at scale. This cross-OS, end-to-end solution can be configured to securely monitor key device telemetry, set alerts, diagnose issues and deploy fixes – all remotely and in real-time.

  • Multi-OS support
  • Device and fleet system software (OS) management
  • Remote OS recovery with Intel Pro technology
  • Configurable device telemetry
  • Remote device diagnosis and control
  • API-extensible cloud-based fleet management
  • Capture and deploy OS image
  • OS backup and recovery
  • In-place OS upgrades
  • Disk partition management
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SquareOne Essentials

Confidently develop and manufacture resilient, dedicated, fixed device fleets running Windows loT operating systems. Easily perform OS image capture, deployment, backup and recovery functions.

SquareOne Essentials is available to those customers who do not require the full suite of connected services, but still want to take advantage of the basic SquareOne core functions.

  • Capture and deploy OS image
  • OS backup and recovery
  • In-place OS upgrades
  • Disk partition management
  • Upgradeable to SquareOne Premier at any time
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Scale without Setbacks

After a successful launch, new product dispensers were up and running in retail locations across the country. This food and beverage expert was struggling to keep their newly expanded fleet current and operational. Using SquareOne’s remote management and monitoring, they can quickly find poorly-performing devices, diagnose issues, and take the appropriate action to keep devices up and running. Thanks to preventative monitoring and maintenance, technician visits can be scheduled in advance, and are limited to only those cases which require hands-on support.


Elevate Brand and Access Valuable Data

Grocery customers are increasingly partial to a self-serve option, and expect a check-out kiosk that is seamless, intuitive, and available without a long wait in line. SquareOne keeps device software current and device hardware operational while creating seamless and familiar shopping experiences. With the ability to remotely access and troubleshoot devices, SquareOne allows for more system uptime and better customer trust in the self-serve POS experience.


Explore Our Other Device Lifecycle Solutions

Build with purpose

Windows IoT Licensing

Bsquare’s dedicated device fleet management spans the entire lifecycle. Build with confidence from the start with IoT licensing to ensure your devices are configured and licensed to run smoothly from the start.

Build a foundation of security

Custom Software Solutions and OS Configuration

Bsquare’s custom software solutions and OS configuration help manage the complexities of building and using device fleets. Discover our custom software solutions to build and release securely with the confidence your devices will maintain their use and value longer.

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