Fostering transformation

If you offer - or need - innovative solutions in any of these areas, together we can create a more robust ecosystem to address the the evolving needs of your clients.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Machine learning (ML)

Internet of things (IoT)

Cloud computing

Edge computing

Data analytics

Innovative solutions

With the increasing complexity of data-driven decision-making, businesses across industries are seeking innovative solutions that can unlock the full potential of their device data.

SquareOne offers our partners the advantage of implementing machine learning, rule-based actions, and predictive maintenance, enabling them to streamline operations, optimize resources, and gain a competitive edge.

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Longstanding relationships

With a rich history of successful partnerships, we collaborate to leverage the full potential of emerging connected technologies and deliver the best to our customers.

Microsoft & Bsquare: A long history

Our rich history working with Microsoft means that you have a seat at the table when it comes to support and input. We are a 25-year Microsoft Solution Partner in engineering and operations.

We license and provide design services for the full suite of Microsoft Windows IoT operating systems, including Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, Windows Server IoT, and SQL Server.

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Amazon Web Services IoT Partnership

Looking for an AWS IoT systems partner? We develop, deploy, and operate Amazon Web Services-based IoT systems for global Fortune 500 companies and large private organizations. And our customers trust us with ongoing development and operational support for their embedded projects.

As a multi-year AWS IoT systems partner, we keep a finger on the pulse of AWS IoT developments and understand how to integrate and secure devices and device data storage on AWS.

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Bsquare and Intel vPro

Looking to enhance your device management system even further? We’ve partnered with Intel to integrate Intel® vPro technology into our dedicated device fleet management platform, SquareOne. SquareOne with Intel vPro provides customers with the ability to remotely power down devices, even in the event of OS failure, and isolate compromised devices.

SquareOne with vPro has widespread applications across industries, including retail and banking, education, and hospitality, to name a few. Our SquareOne solution is the only comprehensive dedicated device fleet management tool that works across operating systems to secure, optimize, and manage the entire device lifecycle.

Retail and Banking

  • Reduce the need for costly on-site IT
  • Minimize downtime of key devices and maintain customer satisfaction
  • Maximize customer experiences with digital signage and interactive kiosks


  • Increase guest satisfaction by improving employee response time
  • Create uniformity for displayed content across all locations
  • Broaden guest experiences with digital signage promoting nearby entertainment, services, and more


  • Simplify end-of-year device repurposing
  • Ensure technical difficulties in the classroom do not interfere with learning
  • Enhance student and faculty experiences through managed interactive whiteboards
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Profitable collaboration

If you're a like-minded tech company seeking to leverage digital transformation, unlock the possibilities of IoT devices, and deliver exceptional value to clients, we'd like to partner with you.

Benefits of partnership

Right now, your customers probably know you as their great hardware partner. By enhancing your offering with SquareOne, improve your brand image and boost your products’ lifespan and value by providing hardware that easily integrates with your client’s fleet and comes ready to monitor its own health and operation.

New revenue stream

Whether you want to resell or refer clients to us, create new revenue streams via subscription sales of the SquareOne Saas; including when they register products that aren't yours.

Improve customer stickiness

Increase brand loyalty as customers see value in the bundled solution of hardware with device management capabilities and return to you for more products and services that add value.

Differentiate your product

Elevate your brand in a competitive market by providing advanced lifecycle management utilities that enable customers to view performance and orchestrate reactions.

Reduce service costs

Eliminate no-fault-found technician visits and reduce truck rolls with instant anomaly notification and secure remote access for troubleshooting, customer support, and software updates (including the OS image).

Minimize downtime

Use customizable device health and status data to automate routine tasks and implement predefined rules and workflows to streamline operations, reduce manual errors, and increase productivity.

Enable enterprise dataflow

SquareOne integrates device data into the rest of your organization so you can anticipate issues, identify patterns, and make informed decisions ahead of time, resulting in improved operational efficiency and profitability.

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