Windows Server IoT 2019 Powers High-Capacity Edge Computing

Developing an IoT solution comes with a unique set of challenges. And the more complex the solution, the more computing power fixed-purpose, embedded devices require.

For example, you may be aggregating and processing massive volumes of data at the edge for real-time analysis. Some of your data may be highly sensitive. And if you’re analyzing content such as video streams and uploading data to the cloud, bandwidth and latency must be addressed. To add to the complexity, there’s end-to-end security, device management, and development to consider.

Bsquare has an extensive history of designing, deploying, and operating IoT solutions that are helping drive transformation across every industry. Our customers rely on us to help them choose the technologies that are best suited for their needs. For IoT implementations that require demanding, on-premise computing at the edge, we recommend Windows Server IoT 2019 as the optimal and most cost-effective choice.  

Of course, from a product standpoint, Windows Server IoT 2019 is the binary equivalent to Windows Server 2019, with the same robust features and capabilities. So, you may wonder why there are two editions and how to choose between them.  

It all comes down to usage and licensing.

In this post, we’ll delve into some of the key features of Windows Server IoT 2019 and help you understand why it’s the best choice for powering high-capacity edge computing for your IoT solution. For more information, be sure to contact us

Windows Server IoT 2019: Secure, Fast, Intelligent

Windows Server IoT 2019 offers enterprise manageability and robust security for fixed-purpose, industry-specific IoT solutions, powering data processing, machine learning, and analytics workloads at the edge. With Windows Server IoT 2019, you can build server-class edge devices with powerful compute capabilities that enable high-capacity storage and seamless scalability between the cloud and edge.

Enhanced security

Built on decades of experience, Windows Server IoT 2019 provides advanced, silicon-to-cloud security to keep your systems, network, and data safe. Among the many layers of security, Windows Server IoT 2019 enables you to manage and protect privileged identities, such as administrator credentials, so you can ensure the right access levels. Windows Defender Threat Detection helps you discover and mitigate security breaches while Windows Defender Exploit Guard protects devices against attack vectors and malicious behaviors. Shielded Virtual Machines enable you to protect your network against unauthorized access.

Accelerated development and innovation

From an innovation standpoint, Windows Server IoT 2019 offers container technologies that can help expedite application development as part of your DevOps strategy. Application modernization is faster thanks to a smaller Server Core container image. Plus, you can use standard tools such as Open SSH, Curl, and Tar.

Enterprise management

Windows Admin Center is included with Windows Server IoT 2019 and provides a familiar, browser-based app for managing your servers, clusters, hyper-converged infrastructure, and embedded devices. Thanks to integration with Azure, you can connect your on-premise servers with cloud services. Other capabilities include Storage Migration Services, System Insights, and more.

Enjoy Fixed-Purpose Licensing Terms

Licensing terms for Windows Server IoT 2019 are adaptable to your unique usage scenarios. Organizations looking for accelerated access to new features and capabilities often choose Semi-Annual Channel (SAC) servicing, featuring releases every 6 months and 18 months of support. Alternatively, the Long-Term Servicing Cycle (LTSC) provides releases every 2-3 years with five years of mainstream support and five years of extended support.

Windows Server IoT 2019 also offers specific allowances and restrictions in the license agreement. This means that if you are connecting multiple edge devices, it’s the more cost-effective way to go. With the standard Windows Server 2019, you pay for the clients you add to the server.  Both Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server IoT 2019 provide for Standard, Datacenter, and Essentials SKUs. However, Windows Server IoT 2019 also accommodates Telecom and Storage Standard or Workgroup use cases:

  • Standard SKU: A dedicated server with Active Directory integration or when a connected keyboard, monitor, or mouse is needed to perform its dedicated purpose.
  • Datacenter SKU: Intended as a turnkey solution for highly virtualized datacenters or cloud environments that consolidate several complex functions into a single server appliance. May require Storage Spaces Direct.
  • Essentials SKU: File server appliance used for edge security (such as anti-virus, email filtering, network traffic monitoring servers).
  • Telecom SKU: Ideal for specialized telecom applications such as PBX, IP PBX, automated attendant, interactive voice response, and teleconferencing scenarios.
  • Storage Standard SKU: Dedicated file server appropriate for edge network attached storage, storage area network gateway, and other storage solutions.
  • Storage Workgroup SKU:  Intended for small storage solutions (<50 users) that do not require network infrastructure services such as file or print or connected keyboards, monitors, or other peripherals.

Additionally, Windows Server IoT 2019 offers a CAL-less program, so you can connect an unlimited number of devices to your server.  To qualify for Windows Server IoT 2019 licensing, your solution must meet specific requirements, as outlined below.

Minimum chip requirements for embedded devices are 1.4 GHz x64 CPUs, 512 MB RAM, and 32GB storage

Windows Server IoT 2019 Is for Every Industry

Windows Server IoT 2019 powers countless IoT scenarios, from intelligent manufacturing to retail security to connected hospitals and more. Here are just a few scenarios that can benefit:

  • Smart cities: Processing video streams to analyze ridership on public transportation.
  • Medical: Enabling real-time equipment tracking in hospitals.
  • Farming: Processing drone data to monitor crops and mitigate threats.
  • Retail: Providing surveillance to increase customer safety.
  • Manufacturing: Enabling predictive maintenance for mission critical equipment.

As a 25-year Microsoft Gold partner, Bsquare has deep insights into Microsoft licensing and technology and a rich history of partnering with Microsoft. As a customer of Bsquare, you benefit from our deep experience and knowledge of IoT solutions, including the full suite of Microsoft products. You also have a seat at the table when it comes to Microsoft support and input.  

To learn more about how Windows Server IoT 2019 can help power digital transformation for your organization, contact us.