Streamlined Management to Enable Growth

Fleet coordination and management at scale require a strong, optimized foundation, visibility and agility. Bsquare helps guide you through the complexity of connectivity, eliminating the obstacles to fleet coordination and management at scale.

Rapidly Deploy, Repair and Recover Dedicated Devices

Use SquareOne’s remote device removal, recovery, and updating capabilities to expand the reach of your in-house team. Streamlined process reduces resources and keeps system continuity to enhance the end user experience.

Trust in a Secure and Purpose-Built Foundation

Dedicated device fleets are only as secure and as functional as their foundation. With Bsquare’s comprehensive lifecycle solutions, you can have confidence that your devices are properly hardened and can adapt to the threat landscape ahead. Windows IoT Licensing also ensures your devices are purpose-built to accomplish their business missions.

Outpace Industry Change

Bsquare embeds the agility necessary for devices to outpace technological advances and the evolution of threats. Keep your device fleets operating at peak performance to boost their efficiency and your reputation

Increase Insights with Fleet Growth

Our device management solutions collect intelligence across your dedicated device fleets for your team to analyze and make critical optimization decisions. As your fleets grow, they collect more data, enabling insights at scale.

Coordinating Fleets of Any Size

The SquareOne Advantage

When your dedicated device fleets are at their most optimal, your customers and end users notice. And when you’re confident your devices are fully optimized, run securely, and purpose-built, you have the confidence to grow your business. Use Bsquare’s comprehensive device management solutions to ensure your business reputation and customer satisfaction.


Managing the Complete Device Lifecycle

Maintain Visibility and Agility at Scale

Dedicated Device Fleet Management

Bsquare’s comprehensive device management solution provides visibility into device performance with configurable telemetry and collective fleet wisdom. Expand your influence as your fleets grow using Bsquare’s remote repair, recovery, and update capabilities.

Build with Purpose

Windows IoT Licensing

Bsquare’s IoT licensing experts ensure your devices are configured to run smoothly from the start so they can accomplish their critical missions in fleets with 500 devices or 50,000.

Ensure Security with Expansion

Custom Software Solutions and OS Configuration

Bsquare custom software solutions provide a secure foundation for growth. As fleets scale, you have the confidence that devices are built to optimize security and adapt to evolving threats.

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