SquareOne: Intelligent IoT Operations

Need to update and recover Windows IoT and Linux OS and application software on a single unconnected device? Thinking about moving your devices to a new OS? SquareOne is there.

Want non-stop data-driven operations for a fleet of connected devices? Or just want to turn a set of unconnected devices into a fleet? SquareOne allows you to transition deployment and operations in phases that make sense for your business.

  • Update devices remotely and recover from system failures without expensive truck rolls or downtime.
  • Manage the system software—OS, firmware, device settings, applications, and data—on your edge devices.
  • Get 24/7 monitoring to give you round-the-clock access to a team of frontline response specialists.

SquareOne is a device management suite of edge and cloud software and services that supports the secure deployment and operations of devices as a fleet 24/7. In short, it’s Intelligent IoT Operations.

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Reduce Support Costs and Downtime

SquareOne offers all-in-one recovery, upgrade, and imaging for embedded and fixed-purpose devices such as point-of-sale kiosks, digital displays, and handheld terminals.

  • Enjoy simple imaging and deployment: Once your device image is built, you can duplicate and deploy as you prepare for manufacturing.
  • Reduce support costs and downtime: End users can easily recover and upgrade systems, eliminating the need to dispatch a technician or ship replacement equipment to the field. Reduce security risks by keeping your device and system software up to date.
  • Upgrade with ease: An intuitive and instructive GUI makes SquareOne simple for developers and non-technical end users.

Manage and Monitor Embedded Device System Software

SquareOne allows you to monitor and manage intelligent devices and systems remotely and at scale, extending their value while lowering operating costs.

  • Monitor and report device and fleet performance and operations in logical groups.
  • Track device performance uptime to detect potential hardware and software issues.
  • Facilitate sharing of data and participation in distributed decision making.
  • Get rule-based notifications and alerts based on roles and policies.

We Handle 24/7 Operations, You Get Peace of Mind

We operate 24/7 mission-critical custom IoT systems for Fortune 100 customers and we can do it for your company, too.

Round-the-clock device and fleet management, system monitoring, and cloud hosting are not core competencies. It’s expensive to set up—if you can even access the technical expertise. Let Bsquare manage your devices, operations, and infrastructure.

Let Bsquare:

  • Provide DevOps services, help desk services and software support services.
  • Monitor system status 24/7.
  • Manage your AWS or Azure cloud assets.
  • Create monthly uptime and issue reporting.

Security Is Built In from the Start

You know that embedded device security matters—we don’t have to tell you. From ransomware to DOS attacks, the threats are real. SquareOne offers security from device to cloud.

  • Unique device identity stored and operated on within Trusted Platform Module (TPM) hardware, not readable externally to TPM
  • OS-specific hardening enabled on Windows and Linux to lock down device
  • Mutual TLS certificate-based registration process to verify device identity
  • Encrypted MQTT communications between device and cloud
  • Robust and tested incident management protocols
  • System is certified to AICPA SOC 2 type 1

Take the Next Step of Your IoT Journey

Embedded devices can’t just be sold and forgotten. System software must be maintained and improved. Updates happen. And a deployment of 20 devices can grow organically to 100 or more without a plan for managing them all.

Bsquare offers transition services to help you get from device to system to fleet, whether on Windows IoT, Linux, Android, or some of each.

  • Get help with OS configuration and system software build and lockdown.
  • Migrate your fleet of devices to a new OS or let us consult on a multi-OS strategy.
  • Move from managing device by device to IoT system operations.

Who Needs SquareOne?

SquareOne is designed for embedded IoT devices and systems running on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, Linux, and Android.

  • Point of service kiosks
  • Medical devices
  • POS systems
  • Digital signage
  • Handheld terminals
  • Casino gaming
  • Other freestanding digital devices

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
  • Debian Linux
  • Other Linux platforms

Get to SquareOne with Bsquare

Bsquare has a long history solving difficult system and embedded software problems for our customers and partners. Today we collaborate with our customers to build and operate the next generation of intelligent devices and systems. In the last two years alone, we have helped over 600 companies deploy 2.4M devices.

Learn more about our suite of products and services designed to help your intelligent IoT business.  Contact us today to see a demo of SquareOne or explore how Bsquare can help you transition to the next level.

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