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SquareOne is a complete solution for remotely monitoring and managing fleets of IoT devices securely at scale.

Whether you manage hundreds or millions of devices, SquareOne provides a simple, “out-of-the-box” solution with a robust set of tools that enable you to remotely monitor, diagnose, and manage the health of your devices from a single dashboard.

SquareOne enables over-the-air control at scale for a diverse IoT fleet –across operating systems and across fixed device types. The easy-to-use interface and comprehensive suite of tools allow an internal team to remotely manage the OS of devices, diagnose issues and deploy upgrades and updates. With remote control, you can keep your devices compliant, up-to-date and ensure a positive customer experience.

SquareOne can be configured to capture the unique device telemetry specific to a fixed-function IoT product and inform about the health so that teams keep operations on track.

Build A Better IoT Product

Devices developed with SquareOne can be manufactured, deployed, and operated as part of an IoT fleet. They are resilient, support in-place upgrades, and can monitor their own health and operation. The SquareOne management tools and data streams provide access to telemetric data, support remote diagnostics, and integration with other business systems. SquareOne extends the useful life of your products, can reduce support and service costs, and digital transformation of your business model.

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SquareOne Packages

SquareOne is available in two package options, SquareOne Premier and SquareOne Essentials.

Easily and remotely monitor and manage your fleet of connected devices. This multi-OS, end-to-end solution can be configured to securely monitor key device telemetry, set alerts, diagnose issues and deploy fixes – all remotely and in real-time.

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Confidently develop and manufacture resilient, dedicated, fixed devices running Windows loT operating systems. Easily perform OS image capture, deployment, backup and recovery functions. You can later upgrade to SquareOne Premier – a complete, remote device fleet management solution for connected devices.

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Experience the power of SquareOne through our Free 30-Day Evaluation. You may enroll up to 10 devices and gain full access to SquareOne’s remote monitoring and management tools. Contact us today and a Bsquare representative will personally assess your needs and assist you in setting up your test environment. Throughout the trial, you will have access to our Bsquare solutions experts who can help you to take full-advantage of your SquareOne evaluation. Compatible with Android, Linux or Microsoft.

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