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SquareOne is based on Bsquare’s experience designing, building, and operating large IoT systems. It can lower development costs, accelerate time to market, and reduce the risks associated with IoT system development.

Learn how SquareOne can be used for device management or connected system development.

Device health and monitoring

Customizable, real-time telemetry

Secure remote access

Comprehensive package management

Notification and orchestration

Machine learning / artificial intelligence


At a high-level, SquareOne is comprised of three primary components:

SquareOne agent

SquareOne provides a compact multi-OS software module for secure two-way communication on managed devices. It's compatible with various devices like IoT gateways, vending machines, medical tools, POS terminals, and digital signage.

Central registration server

This SquareOne system manages the onboarding of new devices into SquareOne. A certificate challenge is used to authenticate devices.

Cloud services

This central SquareOne cloud system handles all post-registration interactions. It features a user-friendly Web UI and a comprehensive, well-documented RESTful API.


Security was the primary consideration when designing, implementing, and operating SquareOne. It was architected in conjunction with external security experts.

Security processes

Bsquare has experience providing managed hosting and offers a full range of services to ensure secure and reliable operation of connected systems.

SquareOne interfaces

All interfaces are appropriately protected. The device requires no open incoming TCP/IP ports, all connections are initiated by the device. Access to SquareOne is authenticated via Single Sign-On or local login. Each user has associated permissions/roles accessible through the UI.

Device hardening

An important part of creating a secure connected system is ensuring that individual devices are configured securely and can recover to a known state in the event of a failure or security breach.

Device onboarding

All new devices must be registered with the system via a certificate exchange before they are able to gain access.

Data encryption

Data in the SquareOne system is encrypted in-transit and at rest.


SquareOne is designed to be extended to meet individual use cases and requirements, and it easily integrated with other assets and systems. The system provides several interfaces for this.

Bsquare offers consulting services to implement integration services or additional features.


Inject custom telemetry into the system easily through a WebSocket. Create additional calculated telemetry points, and intelligently control the frequency of telemetry transmission. For example, read data from sensors and report when the reading has changed significantly.


Externally interface with SquareOne, pulling information or remotely accessing features.

  • Generate reports or pull information that could be used to create support tickets.
  • Export data for analysis in BI tools
Edge processing

Leverage more processing at the edge to improve efficiency. Use the package management system to deploy edge components which can take local action and send or receive data through SquareOne. Use this additional intelligence to leverage edge-processing more effectively, reduce latency and increase resiliency. For example, implement and deploy an image processing component, and then report the interpreted result rather than the whole image.


Implement entirely new features, including new UI screens and additional scripted behaviours. Plugins seamlessly integrate with the existing UI and are independently managed to ensure the product platform remains consistent and robust. Plugins are configurable so that you only get the features you need. For example:

  • Automatically group devices based on information provided during registration, and then deploy specific software packages.
  • Create additional UI screens to show related devices (e.g. in the same building, or sharing a common trait)
  • React to defined events to interface with external systems

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Leverage dedicated devices

IoT systems

Software and services for the rapid development of connected systems.

  • Customizable standards-based telemetry
  • Essential notifications and orchestration
  • Enables ML/AI at the edge and in the cloud
Take control of dedicated devices

Device management

Easy, out-of-the-box or customized solutions for managing connected products

  • Device monitoring and health
  • Remote access, diagnostics and recovery
  • Software package deployment and management

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