Introducing Device Hardening Solutions

A secure system starts with secure devices

We are pleased to announce the release of  Device Hardening for connected products built with Microsoft Windows IOT, Linux, and/or Android operating systems. Device Hardening helps customers get their products to market faster with software that is configured to capture our years of operating system expertise. These solutions complement Bsquare’s SquareOne solution, announced earlier in November.

System breaches are increasingly initiated through unsecure devices.  Recognizing this challenge, our customers are looking for solutions to ensure that their device isn’t the entry point for the next embarrassing and costly system breach.  To this end, Bsquare has developed a set of essential requirements for device makers:

  • Securely Configured.  The OS is configured to reduce or eliminate the risks associated with connecting devices to the Internet or to each other. 
  • Recoverable.  The device will recover to a known, secure state in the event of a hardware failure or breach. 
  • Updatable. The product can be updated with the latest software, data, machine learning models, or device settings. 
  • Upgradeable.  The product’s operating system software can be upgraded to the latest version to increase security without degradation of the user experience.

How does Device Hardening work?

Bsquare offers two options for device hardening:

Essential OS Hardening:  Bsquare will tailor a Device Hardening specification based on a customer’s chosen operating system, hardware configuration, application software, security policies, and connected environment.  Our engineering team will assist our customer’s engineering team with the OS configuration.

Advanced Device & OS Hardening:  Customers ship their device to Bsquare and our engineering team will configure a manufacturable image for the hardware/software configurations.  We’ll return a manufacturing-ready OS image along with the device. 

Who is Device Hardening for?

Device Hardening is for organizations who need to supplement their engineering expertise during the design and development phase of a new product. Hiring and retaining hardware, software, and security experts is difficult and expensive.  Bsquare’s Device Hardening is a cost-effective way to ensure that products are designed to participate in a connected world. These solutions complement Bsquare’s SquareOne solution, announced earlier in November.

Device Hardening is also useful for organizations reviewing the security of their previously-deployed fleet of devices.  Our engineering team has extensive experience helping companies develop strategies for upgrading the OS software on devices in a wide range of operating scenarios.

And finally, for companies looking to offer different versions of their products running different operating systems, Bsquare can supplement your team’s OS experience with a team that has shipped products on Windows, Linux, and Android.

How do I access Device Hardening?

If you’re interested in bringing your devices securely to market, contact us today and speak with a product expert.