A New Take on the Digital Twin

Digital twin constructs—digital models of physical, real-world devices—are taking on increased importance as Internet of Things (IoT)...

By Kevin Walsh
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Knowledge Retention and IoT

For maintenance, mechanic, and service technicians, it is very common to receive on the job training from apprenticeships or informally from an...

By Kevin Wallis
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Take a Hybrid Approach to Your Oil & Gas IoT

Upstream oil and gas production operations are complex and expensive yet vital to the national economy. Improving the efficiency of these...

By Shannon Yost
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Data Science for Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics

In previous posts, we took a brief look how some of the more common descriptive statistic and correlation methods are used to investigate data....

By Matt Honaker
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Hot topics from DistribuTECH 2017

I recently attended DistribuTECH in San Diego and it was amazing to see how the electric utility industry is evolving in its understanding of...

By Dave McCarthy
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Tackling the challenges of IoT device management

Scaling is criticalAccording to conservative research from various industries, there are at least a billion data gathering objects waiting to be...

By Paul Lo
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