The Bsquare Advantage

We’ve helped hundreds of customers configure millions of devices and operate some of the largest IoT fleets in use today. With Bsquare’s software solutions, your next generation devices are brought to life; purpose-built and purpose-configured. Whether you’re looking for a stand-alone device solution or to operate connected devices at scale, our engineers can help you build the IoT system that is right for you.

The Bsquare advantage provides:

  • Secure Configuration: Device operating system software is securely configured to meet your unique requirements.
  • Easy Updates: Devices are easily updated and upgraded at any time — on site or remotely.
  • Reliable Recovery: Devices are confidently recovered to a known state in the event of a failure or compromise.
  • Remote Management: Device health is remotely managed and monitored from a single dashboard.
  • Diagnosis and Debugging: Device bugs are identified and fixes are implemented across all impacted devices. 

Bsquare Software Services

OS Configuration: Get it right, from the start.

Our proven methodology and extensive expertise bring your products to life. Our services provide you with a securely configured, recoverable, updatable, and upgradeable operating system that is tailored to your device and meets your business needs. We test the configured system using our proven best-practices and provide you with the materials required to get your device up and running smoothly.

System Software Transition: Stay current. Stay consistent.

Our experts will work with you to create and implement a plan to migrate your devices to system software that meets your BOM and business objectives. We will help identify the OS that is best for you and your customers, migrate your devices between Windows IoT, Linux, Android, or other embedded OS solutions, and tailor your device to provide the telemetry that your enterprise needs to make better decisions. Our transition services also enable the connection of previously disconnected devices and, as a result, allow connected device management at scale.

Customized Device Management: Take total control.

We provide end-to-end solutions for connected device management at full operational scale. We offer a truly comprehensive, multi-OS solution for the entire device lifecycle, in heterogenous operational environments.

  • Transition device monitoring to 24/7 operations with customized alerts and notifications.
  • Integrate with existing business systems, implement device-specific telemetry for more insight into collective fleet performance, and incorporate data to make critical fleet management decisions.
  • Accelerate your transition to modern IoT operations with Bsquare’s SquareOne device management platform. We can help you customize this robust device management solution, allowing you to manage, secure and update devices from a single dashboard. 

Gain a Competitive Edge

Our commitment to your success helps you to achieve your goals and grow your business, whether you are operating IoT devices at scale or enhancing a product to meet your customers' requirements. Our custom system software services are designed to be flexible and to work with your team and with your product in the way that makes sense for you and your customers. We provide flexible collaboration, remote working arrangements, project team integration and tailored project scopes that meet your unique needs. Our deep expertise spans the development, deployment and operational lifecycle of connected devices, allowing you to add Bsquare expertise where it fits best.

Start with a secure product

With over 25 years of experience helping customers build and configure devices, our team of engineers can assist with the design and hardening of your device to ensure a secure start and efficient deployment from day one. Boost products’ lasting value when you build fleets that can evolve to face a changing technology landscape. Lay the foundation for device growth by building stability that can scale with your business.

Accelerate time to market

Bsquare’s system software solutions are deployed quickly, so you can build, configure, and secure devices faster to meet manufacturing supply chain timelines. Our solutions and engineering team compliment your teams, allowing you to focus on your unique value proposition.

Build a better device

Our team’s comprehensive matrix of software engineering services includes firmware, Android, Linux, Microsoft Windows Embedded, and QNX system software development to supplement your team’s expertise and to help you build and connect better purpose-built devices for your customers. Our solutions make sure your device is easily updatable and readily upgradable.

Extend the life of your devices

With total visibility and data transparency, regardless of device type or OS, our remote IoT device management solution enables you to maintain control over your entire fleet. Consult with us on DevOps efficiencies or scalable software architecture so you can streamline your operations to extend the life of your devices and take advantage of new opportunities for growth.

Custom Software Solutions in Action

Optimize Performance in Remote Retail Vending

Bsquare works directly with customers to understand business requirements, design scalable software architecture, and specify the hardware needed for efficient fleets. A major global beverage distributor utilizes custom Bsquare solutions to scale the geography and reach of their dedicated device fleets.

Bsquare consults directly with the client to design and develop intuitive UI, ensure network connectivity, remotely manage and monitor fleets, and collect customer usage data to verify efficient device operation. With Bsquare, the beverage distributor manages to do more.

Custom Software Solutions in Action

Secure Connectivity for Medical Devices

Medical devices require security and efficiency in  configuration and licensing to accomplish their critical missions. Bsquare works directly with large medical device distributors to advise on processor and hardware selection, port the QNX Operating System to custom hardware, and provide risk assessments.

The client uses Bsquare’s expertise in architecture, design, IUVs, implementation, verification, and traceability of device fleet software. You can utilize Bsquare’s consulting support during field trials and product enhancements for your dedicated devices, so your fleets accomplish their critical missions in healthcare and beyond.


Explore Our Other Device Lifecycle Solutions


SquareOne Dedicated Device Fleet Management

The final step in the dedicated device lifecycle, SquareOne’s comprehensive management solution allows you to ensure the ultimate future-proofing of your products. With SquareOne, ensure your product fleets are optimized and purpose-managed when they are in use to secure your reputation and build your business.


Windows IoT Licensing

Bsquare’s dedicated device fleet management spans the entire device lifecycle. OS configuration is just the beginning, providing the structure for developers to build securely. The next step is IoT licensing, the lifeblood of the device.

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