Device Makers

Implementing the right OS for your device isn’t enough.  Today’s products must be ready to participate intelligently in their deployment, operation, and management.

Bsquare Device Maker solutions ensure your products meet these essential requirements:

Securely ConfiguredThe OS is configured to reduce or eliminate the risks associated with connecting devices to the Internet or to each other.
RecoverableThe device will recover to a known, secure state in the event of a hardware failure or breach.
UpdatableThe product can be updated with the latest software, data, machine learning models, or device settings.
UpgradableThe product’s operating system software can be upgraded to the latest version to increase security without degradation of the user experience.



What is Device Hardening?

A secure system starts with a secure device.  Bsquare augments your product development team with critical hardware, software, and security expertise that is hard to hire and retain.

Speed to MarketReduce your go-to-market time and lower your BOM costs with a team that will get your manufacturable image built quickly.
Configuration ExpertiseSupplement your team with hardware and software experts who have worked on 1,000s of products.
Up-to-date securityPut security best practices to work lowering the chances your product is the entry point for an embarrassing attack.
Harden legacy systemsOffer upgrade solutions to your customers that extend the life and value of your fleet.
Multi-OS environmentsIf you are interested in changing or upgrading operating system software we have solutions to ease your transition.

Device Hardening Solutions

Bsquare’s device hardening solution ensures that your OS is configured correctly for your hardware and application requirements. We take into consideration the differences in security architectures across Windows, Linux and Android operating systems and implement the latest recommendations in device hardening.

Bsquare offers two options for device hardening based on your level of hardware, software, security and configuration expertise.

Essential OS HardeningBsquare will prepare a Device Hardening OS image specification based on your operating system, hardware configuration, application software, security policies, and operating environment.  Our engineering team will assist your team configuring the image.

Essential Device Hardening is a good option if your team has sufficient experience configuring OS images for manufacturing and a thorough understanding of implementing security policies.
If Basic Device Hardening is what you’re looking for, click here to arrange a requirements gathering meeting with our Systems Engineering Team.

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Advanced Device & OS HardeningWith Advanced Device Hardening you can leave the configuration work to us.  Ship us your device or devices and we’ll configure the OS software and return you a manufacturing ready OS image that meets your requirements.

Advanced Device Hardening is fast and efficient. You can be certain your OS image is ready for manufacturing.  If you are going to shift different versions of OS software this is the option for you.
If Advanced Device Hardening is what you’re looking for, click here to arrange a device-intake and requirements gathering meeting with our Systems Engineering Team.

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Windows IoT

We offer a complete suite of OS licensing and technical support services for all versions of Windows IoT through Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2021.

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Secure Device Management

Device Hardening is the first step.

Our secure device management system,  SquareOne allows you to keep your product up to date ensuring you’re running the latest, most secure software and operating system.

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