Getting Started in Embedded Manufacturing: Build a New IoT Product Line with Bsquare

You’ve got a great idea for an embedded device that will transform your industry, or at least solve a long-standing problem. But how do you move from the idea to an IoT product in hand?

Maybe you already know the embedded operating system you want to build on or the data to be collected. Wherever you are in the manufacturing process, Bsquare consultants and engineers can help. We’ll guide you from blue-sky thinking to feet on the ground running.

We’ll meet you wherever you are in your product development. Bsquare engineers will help your team guide strategy, determine technology and configuration options, test and deploy, and gather data. And most importantly, Bsquare will help deliver and build on insights from that data.

And when your system is deployed, our 24/7 monitoring services give you round-the-clock access to a team of front-line response specialists.

You choose the operating system

Bsquare partners with Microsoft, bringing you expertise with Windows IoT products like Windows Server IoT 2019 and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. Our engineers also have strong expertise in all embedded operating systems, including multiple flavors of Linux, QNX, and Android, as well as smaller systems such as ThreadX and FreeRTOS. With more than 25 years of experience, we can help you select and customize the technology that marries best with your solution.

Get full service from design to deployment

Our Jumpstart program is an organized approach to help you configure, install, and optimize Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. Bsquare engineers will work with your team to determine where more custom support is needed, including with application development and QA.

With the Jumpstart program, Bsquare can:

  • Develop and customize the user interface with your branding.
  • Install your application and any third-party apps you want to include.
  • Install SquareOne for intelligent device management.
  • Set up McAfee Embedded Security to protect and further prevent your systems from malware and zero-day attacks.

Manage intelligent devices and systems efficiently

As you imagine your new embedded device and system, you also need to be able to manage that fleet.

SquareOne is a secure device lifecycle management software and service suite that delivers device and system intelligence where you need it to provide insights you can use. SquareOne lets you monitor device and fleet performance and operations in logical groups from a single interface.

We designed SquareOne based on our experience building and operating large IoT systems. It allows your devices to operate securely in cloud or on-premises environments, whether you’re on Windows IoT or Linux.

With it, you can recover from system failures gracefully and update devices remotely without expensive truck rolls or downtime.

Why choose Bsquare?

Founded as a system software development company, Bsquare builds technology to power the next generation of intelligent devices and systems for Fortune 500 companies, startups, and everyone in between.

With over two decades of experience with all aspects of IoT software and services, our global team works to help embedded device manufacturers and OEMs like you succeed.

Let’s talk

You don’t have to have all the answers before you come to us: That’s what our seasoned team is here for. Bring your questions and let us help you craft a strategy and a system tailor-made for your business. Contact Bsquare today to learn more or get started.