What is Azure IoT EFLOW?

Recently, Microsoft announced the availability of Azure IoT Edge for Linux on Windows in public preview. This solution, commonly referred to as EFLOW, allows users to run Linux on Windows IoT devices. In this article, we will briefly explore what EFLOW can do, what benefits it brings and how Bsquare can help you get started.

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What can EFLOW do for your IoT system?

If your company already builds or operates Windows IoT devices, EFLOW makes it possible to deploy Linux IoT Edge modules to run alongside the current Windows IoT operating systems. The solution includes a Windows Admin Center (WAC), which aids in deployment, bi-directional communication between the Windows and Linux containers, and integration with Microsoft Update. This helps the embedded system remain efficient and secure.

What are the benefits of using EFLOW?

Windows IoT is a popular industrial IoT solution, used across a variety of markets, in part because it helps businesses quickly create a solution that’s scalable and secure. While Windows IoT is a popular choice, developers might turn to Linux because of its low cost of entry or extensive development community. With EFLOW, developers no longer need to choose between the two, allowing businesses to create inexpensive IoT solutions that fit their unique needs.

Tim Shaw, Director of Business Development at Bsquare, notes that “there is a lot of momentum with Linux modules in fixed function edge devices. With EFLOW functionality, device builders no longer need a second device to run Linux based code, and IT administrators aren’t required to administer separate OS platforms. Windows IoT provides familiar manageability and platform security while enabling execution of Linux based investments.”

Furthermore, through resources like the Azure marketplace, you don’t have to build a Linux solution from scratch. You can choose from a selection of pre-built Linux solutions, which can reduce costs and potentially increase time to market.

How can Bsquare help?

For over 25 years, Bsquare has helped customers develop, deploy, and operate IoT systems across several platforms, including Windows IoT and Linux.

Whether you are building an IoT system from scratch or are in the process of scaling or revising your current system, Bsquare is ready to help, and we are excited to help customers use solutions like EFLOW to incorporate Linux modules into a Windows IoT solution.

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